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Interview with Blasphemy

Tribute  to Blasphemy!!!!


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01. At first thank you for your cooperation Blackwinds and DeathLord! I'm very proud to make this interview with you and I hope I bore you not to much ha, ha!  

Black Winds- Just listening to some DESTRUKTOR. Chris Volcano on drums. Great scissor beats!! Just snipping away!! Brutal Black Metal!!

DeathLord- This is the advance for the upcoming 7" EP on Decius Records!! You have to track this down Heiko!! It'll rip the skin off of your face!!!!!!


02. What's going on in the Blasphemy camp? All is ok or had you some troubles - maybe a member leave the band?  

Black Winds- Not too much Noise War at the moment...

DeathLord- The band is still intact. We're slowly rehearsing for a new onslaught of Blasphemous Assaults!


03. I got your Blasphemy "Live Ritual" LP! It is a very cool looking album and the sound is really good and devastating for a live album, but I heared you were sceptical of the idea by Yosuke to release a Blasphemy Live album. But now it seems that you like it and Yosuke told me that Blackwinds want tattoo the Black Metal logo from the Backcover onto his head. Why this scepticism at the beginning and are you satisfied with Yosukes work?  

Black Winds- Actually, the tattoo's on the back of my neck, and I'm not the only one who got it. We're impressed by the LP.

DeathLord- The Die-Hard version of this LP is among the most dedicated and deluxe albums in my collection! The quality is mind-blowing!! Yosuke's work is VERY satisfactory. The only thing any of us were sceptical about was the rehearsal CD-R that was included with the first 100 copies because of the new song on it. Now both the Live-LP and the rehearsal CD-R have been bootlegged already.


04. Ok the most important thing. What can we expect from the new Blasphemy songs? Are there differences to your old material and how much songs have you complete till now (songtitles)?  

Black Winds- There are only a couple of songs. They're in the style of the old stuff.

DeathLord- The song "Victory [Son of the Damned]" is in circulation but the rest of our new assaults are going to be kept under wraps until we're ready to unleash them. Caller of the Storms wanted it this way.

05. When will you release a new album and who will release it? What is with the Split Ep with german horde Katharsis? Sombre Records want do this Ep with you and I heared also Costa from Iron Pegasus Rec. wanted something do with Blasphemy, is this right?  

DeathLord- No contracts are signed and we're not bothering with the business side until we have enough songs for a full-length LP ready.

06. It is not easy to get in contact or friendship with Blasphemy. Are you cautious or you don't want to much contacts to people, because to much gays think they are black metallers and you want nothing to do with this child's?  

Black Winds- Yeah, we're not into gay Black Metallers. If we come across any we'll have to stomp them!


07. Marcel from Sombre plans also a tour this year in september with Blasphemy, Black Witchery and Manticore. Give it now concrete plans for this and want Blasphemy come to Germany (I hope it)? What can we expect from a Blasphemy live - show? Total holocaust drinking after the show together?  

Black Winds- Always heavy drinking after the shows. During the shows: bullets, grenades, spikes, smoke bombs... Maybe a Harley Wide Glide!! I'll drive it off of the stage and into the crowd and smoke the wheels right in the middle of the pit! Make sure that you get out of the way when you see me on the Harley, Heiko!!



08. I saw the video from your live desecration show with Black Witchery. What can you tell me about Impurath and Black Witchery?  

Black Winds- Impurath likes to smoke ALOT of weed! True Satanist. BLACK WITCHERY is a killer band! Best Black Metal band out of the USA.

DeathLord- I highly respect BLACK WITCHERY. "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" is a monument in the realm of Black Metal !!!


09. For most so called Black Metal fans bands like Blasphemy, Beherit or old Sarcofago are to extrem and you was the first band who got 1990 in the Rock (Pop) Hard magazine from 60 possible points only - 0,5 points. What can you say about those fuckers?  

Black Winds- That must be one gay 'zine!! When I read this question I laughed for 0.5 hours! Send me a copy of that review.

DeathLord- I've run into alot of people that find our kind of musick too extreme and abrasive. It never makes sense to me when I hear this. This is EXTREME Metal and therefore must be EXTREME! It just proves to me that there are too many wimps involved in this scene and they should be immediatly removed! That review from Rock Hard is perfect!! Only wimps read that mag so that review must have kept them far away from our cult!!


10. A lot of bands call their music Black Metal, but they sing about paganism, mythic and so on… But I think BM should be satanic and with blasphemic, antichristian lyrics. What means real BM for you?  

Black Winds- Black Metal should be what you said plus barbed wire, bullets, grenades, beer, and bitches!!!


11. I think true BM needs evil intros for darker and better atmosphere and then the coming song must crush barbaric in the end of the intro with speed like " Fallen Angel of Doom" or " Beast of Damnation" from Beherit. Is this also your opinion and will Blasphemy use intros in coming releases?  

Black Winds- BLASPHEMY will always use intros/ outros.


12. Where get Blasphemy inspirations for their music and lyrics? Who is responsible for the songs?  

Black Winds- We get inspiration after a Black Metal Powerlifting session or a night in the boneyard out in Victoria BC!! Caller of the Storms, Black Priest of the 7 Satanic Blood Rituals and myself wrote all of the early songs.


13. Tell me your ten all time albums, Blackwinds and Deathlord!  
Black Winds- SARCOFAGO-"INRI", RAZOR-"Evil Invaders", HELLHAMMER-"Apocalyptic Raids", DESTRUCTION-"Sentence of Death", SODOM-"In the Sign of Evil", BATHORY-"Debut", BATHORY- "The Return....", BATHORY- "Under the Sign....", POSSESSED-"Seven Churches" and CONQUEROR-"War Cult Supremacy".

DeathLord- BLASPHEMY-"Fallen Angel of Doom....", SARCOFAGO-"INRI", BEHERIT-"The Oath of Black Blood", BATHORY-"The Return....", SODOM-"Obsessed by Cruelty" (Euro-Version), POSSESSED-"Seven Churches", MYSTIFIER-"Wicca", VULCANO-"Bloody Vengeance", VOIVOD-"RRRROOOOAAAARRRR" and MASTER'S HAMMER-"Ritual". Of course this answer would be alot different if I were to include demos and EP's in this list.


14. Complete this words:  
Chris Moyen- Black Winds- Brutal Black Metal Artist.
Black Witchery- Black Winds- The best US Black Metal Band
Germany- Black Winds- Metal, beers, and bitches! DeathLord- The Capitol of Metal
Wicca- Black Winds- Useless to us. White Magic. (I meant the cult band) DeathLord- MYSTIFIER!!!
Abhorer- DeathLord- "Rumpus of the Undead" and "Upheaval of Blasphemy" are total cult!!!!! The full-length was killer as well!!!
Bodybuilding- Black Winds- Black Metal Powerlifting!
Holocausto- Black Winds- BEHERIT and the Brazilian band! DeathLord- A very important word for me. I hold both' Holocausto of Bloody Fucking Vengeance' and the Brazilian band in the highest of regards!!!
Cunt Blasphemy- Black Winds- Everyday life. DeathLord- An obssession of mine!! Indulge!


15. Can you mention me some interesting newer bands in Blasphemy, Beherit oder Mystifier style? What are good bands from Canada? I know only Godless North, Esker, Frozen Shadows, Shade, Esker, Conqueror, Revenge, Sacramentary Abolishment and some more and of course the old classic bands like Sacrifice, Razor, Slaughter, Voivod etc...  

Black Winds- Add INVICTUS, NEKROMANTIK KURSE, and ALLFATHER to your list!!


16. What is the mysterious about Ross Bay? The cemetary looks really dark and ancient!  
Black Winds- What you really want to see is the catacombs underneath the cemetary. You have to enter from 2 miles away !! This is where the rituals take place and where the real mystery is.

DeathLord- Ross Bay Cemetary is the place of cult worship!!

17. People said that the Blasphemy guys love beating and a few years ago rumours were in germany that the end of Blasphemy was because the shouter stabed somebody with a knife and he gone to jail. Are this only rumours or is something true by this storys?  

Black Winds- That story is just a rumour but we do like to stomp people.

18. I heared that Bestial Saviour had a problem with a member from Destroyer666 and gave him a big punch. What was the reason for this trouble?  

Black Winds- I'm not quite sure what happened. I didn't see it happen actually...


19. What 's going on with Ace Gustapo and Traditional Sodomizer? Have you still contact to them?  

Black Winds- Ace- Turned yuppie/ hippie.... Sodomizer - always Black Metal powerlifting attending shows, laying down some beatings, attending Black Metal shows, and keeping it bald!



20. And still two questions what I want know from the past. I have read long time ago a interview (end of 93 I think) in german Iron Curtain zine. This was made during the Fuck Christ live tour in germany and Caller of the storms did it. He told that you (Blackwinds) left the band because you were not satisfied with the whole situation. Why you used this way and what was the reason to leave Blasphemy?  

Black Winds- I couldn't handle the falseness of Ace Gestapo. He forgot all of the bullets, grenades, and chains. He's the one that should have got the " Big Punch ".


21. Caller of the Storms said also in this interview that the third album will be the brutalest Blasphemy album. Had Blasphemy written new songs at this time or have you still old unreleased songs what are waiting for a release?  

Black Winds- We have a couple of new songs ready for release.

DeathLord- This next album will definitely be the most extreme BLASPHEMY release yet!!!!!


22. Ok! Thank you for spending time for this interview! This was also a personal interview for myself! Hope that we will see us again on a german tour and drink together lot of alcohol! The last sodomizing words belong to Blasphemy! Hail!!  

Black Winds- WAR!!!!!!!!!

DeathLord- Hails Heiko!! Next time we meet we will drink the 80% until we barf black blood!!!!! DARKNESS PREVAILS!!!!!!!

23) How does having warpaint on influence you during live gigs?

BW: I don't know it just kind of goes with the show.

24)Tell me about your first live gig. How did it feel playing your songs
live for an audience and what was their reaction to it?

BH: Our first gig was very good, it ended up turning into a riot in the
streets. After the show, and about a year later, we were blacklisted from
too many fights. Then we did some tours in Europe and got back and then we
got respect and got to do gigs again. Right now we're happy with 3 shows a
year in the summertime. This summer we're going to get Black Witchery up
here to do a couple of shows so spread the word.

25)What kind of response did you get from the underground when you released
the "Blood Upon the Altar" demo?

BH: The response we got from the demo was extremely insane, we did not
expect to get 2 boxes of fan mail. It was unreal fucking blasphemous.

26)When did writing for "Fallen Angel of Doom" begin and how did you want
the full-length to differ from the songs on the demo?

BH+BW: All those songs were very old, we had them all for a couple of years
before recording. We wanted better sound but it was not a very good
recording, but we got our message across.

27) Which of Blasphemy's recordings are you satisfied with most and which
capture your sound best?

BW: "Fallen Angel of Doom" and "Blood Upon the Alter" are my two favorite.
The quality of the recordings of everything we've done has kind of been not
very good. Like some parts the guitar needs to be louder...

28)Why did Black Priest of the 7 Satanic Blood Rituals leave the band? How
did you find The Traditional Sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity and
decide he was worthy of playing in Blasphemy? Did he ever write ANY material
and how did he influence Blasphemy?

BW+BH: Serious girl problems! We already knew Sodomizer from doing gigs with
Witches Hammer, because he was and is a big black metal skin + he could play
really good, but no he didn't write any music. But he still hangs out with
us and was at the Blasphemy + Black Witchery + Crown of Thorns gig last

29) How did you meet Goddess of Perversity?

BW: Through Sodomizer.

30) What's her part been in Blasphemy?

BW: Just to keep up the perversions I imagine.

31) Any new underground war metal bands that you are getting into?

BW. Yeah, I heard there is this kick ass war metal band coming out of Lebanon called Damar.

32)Why did you decide to re-record the tracks "Demoniac", "Ritual" and
"Weltering In Blood" for the full-length? How did you want them to be
different from the demo versions?

BW+BH: Because we knew we could make them more brutal.

33)Tell us the whole story of the desecration of Ross Bay Cemetary...

BH: Sorry but we can't reveal that, for it may be incriminating.

34)How did you get in contact with Wild Rags and tell us about the events
leading to the release of the cult "Fallen Angel of Doom".

BW: We went down to Seattle, did a gig there, and we played in San Francisco
and decided to drive down to L.A. just to check out the scenery. We had
friends down in Anaheim so we went and hooked up with them and then we went
to Wild Rags and bought a bit of stuff from there like a few CD's and tapes
to listen to. I think he already had our demo so we asked him what sort of
deal he could do us and he said that yeah I can sign you guys but he could
only pay us a dollar per copy he sold, which we never did get paid. We got
only about 2-3 $300 checks from him which didn't even pay for fucking all
the mail since we gave out tons of free promo stuff.

35)What's your opinion of Wild Rags?

BW: They're a bunch of Wild Fags as far as I'm concerned because they're a
big rip-off.

36)Tell me about the cover art for "Fallen Angel Of Doom".

BW: A girl named Conny drew it all up for us.

37)Did you have any input on what it would look like?

BW: We kind of explained it. We just said we want something brutal,
something in the lines of a bit of goatery, some demonry and that's what she
came up with.

38) Why did you decide to change the logo for the full-length?

BW: We were just fucking around seeing what might look better. We like both
designs and we're gonna stick with the one that's on Fallen Angel of Doom.

39)What was the response to the full-length?

Storms: It surprised me, I thought it was pretty amazing anyhow. It was
pretty positive.

40)Why did Sodomizer leave the band and how did you find Ace Gustapo
Necrosleezer and Vaginal Commands?

BH+BW: Sodomizer's job was taking up too much of his rehearsal time, so he
parted from the band but is still a very good friend. Just phoned here at
Black Winds' 1/2 hour ago. So we got Ace Gustapo to play with us. He lived
close to our rehearsal place at Black Winds' house and came to lots of our

This interview was done by my 'kamerad' Heiko "Archgoat666" Schmötzer (GER).



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